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What criteria should be followed when selecting plywood

As a result of the ceaseless rise of social level and progress, this one board of plywood is used in adornment already became increasingly extensive, and this one product of plywood, basically be by multilayer veneer crisscross arrange glue and become board. So what criteria do we have when it comes to selection? Next, the plywood manufacturer gives us a brief introduction:

In the appearance, the surface of the plywood should be smooth and smooth, the wood grain is clear, the gluing layer should not have the bubble, the stratification phenomenon, also should avoid the choice of the table board splicing off the joint, lamination and core board overlapping off. Then, to the plywood that is bigger than 6 millimeter, want to differentiate warping degree to whether exceed bid, the warping degree of primary board cannot exceed 0.5%, 1, 2 class board cannot exceed 1%, 3 class board cannot exceed 2%. In terms of dimensions, do not purchase plywood with thickness dimensions that are seriously short of weight. In terms of formaldehyde emission, it is prohibited to sell boards with formaldehyde emission greater than 5.0mg/L for interior decoration.

When testing its bonding strength, use a knife to pry open the plywood along the rubber layer, and observe the traces of wood silk remaining on the rubber layer. If there are more wood remaining on the stripping surface, it shows that the quality of plywood is better. The wear and tear of the parts, timely replacement to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

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Post time: May-26-2020

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