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Three tips for buying plywood

Plywood is a type of wood board, and when storing this board, fire protection is an important issue. When storing, be sure to keep fire extinguishers in the warehouse, and strictly prevent the appearance of fireworks in the warehouse. Any fire hazard should be eliminated. Plywood has been dried after production. Once damp phenomenon occurs, it will not only affect the sales, but also the board will fall off, which will greatly affect the use. Therefore, it also needs special attention.

Pattern plywood

As one of the commonly used materials of furniture, plywood can effectively improve the utilization rate of wood and is an important way to save wood. So what kind of plywood is safe plywood? How to judge the pros and cons in the purchase? Here are three tips for buying plywood:

1. Understand plywood.

We must know about plywood when we buy. It has heads and tails, and there is a difference between the two. Good quality plywood on the front will feel smooth and unobtrusive, without any hindrance.

Two, pay attention to observation.

Should pay attention to observation when choosing, the product with apparent defect such as broken surface, bruise must not buy, such product service life won’t be very long commonly.

Three, percussion.

The use of percussion can be used to judge the quality of plywood. Tap gently with the hand, if can give out clear and pleasant sound can judge its quality is good; On the contrary, if the sound like thunder, then it indicates that the product has a loose adhesive situation.


Post time: Oct-19-2020

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