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The range of plywood used

Plywood is a kind of multilayer artificial processing from the composite board, because of its good characteristics, is widely used and wooden box production, in addition to plywood wooden box, it is also used in the home decoration field, is the good material of home decoration, so what does the classification of plywood use range have?


What the occasion that USES according to plywood is different can divide plywood into besmears to act the role of use plywood, decorate with plywood, decorate plywood with board of rubber platform and veneer commonly

1. Veneer: used to decorate the surface of the painted furniture, as well as the surface of the sewing machine and the shell of various electrical appliances.

2. Plywood for decoration: widely used for decoration of furniture, buildings, vehicles and ships

3, general use of rubber table board: used for packaging or other lining purposes.

4. Veneer decorative plywood: used in construction or furniture.

When carrying out plywood to choose, can be used according to the environment, the occasion that use and use, the nature of the project, choose the plywood of different kind, different material quality and different adornment effect, choose and buy appropriate plywood according to oneself demand thereby.

Post time: May-14-2020

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