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Simple analysis of particle board

Flakers’ products are one of the new varieties, in a orientated workshop, the upper and lower layers are arranged vertically along the fibers, then horizontally arranged the core in three workshops and then heated in a orientated workshop.

At present, the development of particleboard in building materials application has been hindered to a certain extent due to the restriction of people’s traditional housing concept and economic level. The shape of this particleboard requires large volume and slightly thicker than ordinary particleboard. The directional paving methods include mechanical direction and electrostatic direction. The former is suitable for big pot flower oriented paving, the latter is suitable for micro pot flower oriented paving. The directional paving of the wood has the characteristics of high strength in a certain direction.

Particle board has excellent product performance and the wide range of USES, the price is reasonable and other unique advantages, can be sawed, sand, axe, drill, hammer, file, such as mechanical processing, is a good material, packaging use has various advantages of natural lumber, eliminates the low relaxation and transverse strength of natural lumber, fragile, and surface cleaning, easy processing, specifications, widely used in building decoration and other industries


Post time: Jul-23-2020

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