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Particleboard to identify the true and false skills

Consumers are not unfamiliar with particleboard materials, and they often encounter them. So will consumers identify the authenticity of particleboard? Here are some simple ways to tell if particleboard is real or not.

Particle board

One, look at particleboard surface decoration layer

In its surface layer, the texture is clear, natural, colorful, complete, realistic, holistic feeling, soft luster, delicate hand feeling; At the same time its anti-ULTRAVIOLET ability, strong color stability, long – time use does not fade, yellow. Vague, imitative is a pattern of dark colors, usually, the surface layer has a flat smooth feeling, not through the overall feeling.

Second, look at particleboard core materia

Particle board adopted from the alpine frigid zone fresh needles materials, after cutting, leather and branches, crushing, drying, sterilization, such as high temperature and high pressure step sign, strict processing procedures, to ensure that the “by” internal cleaning and hygiene, the color of the core material to the finished product plate is very beautiful in white, without excitant odour, instead, there is a pine natural fresh scent. In the light of the board paving method, the board adopts the three-layer structure of fine, coarse and fine, and the boundary between the structure of the first layer is clear. Then the homemade plate adopts the structure, and there is no obvious boundary between the gradual change of each layer.

Particle board

Three, look at the particleboard whole board

See the door plank of furniture, side act the role ofing board, box body board, “particleboard” won’t appear bend, be out of shape. If it isn’t then it probably isn’t real particleboard.

Post time: Sep-01-2020

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