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Influencing factors and types of plywood quality

No matter in the family is still a plywood is ubiquitous in the enterprise, we will find similar appearance quality of plywood are greatly different, in the process of production of plywood almost every process affects the quality of plywood glued in different extent, so what influence the quality of the plywood, plywood manufacturers were introduced roughly: here.

1. Adhesive quality.

Show the glue with the function of synthetic resin adhesive, with all components and several aspects, such as glue process of plywood in our country in recent years by rubber components and rubber process a lot of research work, this not only saves many chemical raw materials, reduces the product capital, make the products functions have also improved, this is a sign of technological progress.

2. Veneer quality.

Veneer quality, especially its appearance, has a great impact on the bonding strength, veneer quality in wood section preparation and veneer peeling processes should be given satisfactory attention, to be very good wood softening treatment, control the peeling conditions to make veneer policies in the best value, and should pay attention to the veneer moisture content and flatness.

3. Plywood bonding.

Before the adhesive pressure should be pay attention to grasp the two links, sizing and slab Chen amount is too large, high capital amount, and rubber thickness, internal stress increases, at the same time more easily through glue, glue quantity is too small, is not conducive to adhesive solution and rubber would not be complete, appropriate to the aging time length, along with climate change, reasonable changes to complete the core board the whole, reduce the core board lamination, away from the seam, must grasp the glue for layering zhong, dropping speed, especially more should pay attention to the moisture in the slab.

Nowadays, with the rapid development of the decoration industry, the appearance of plywood has been recognized by the majority of people. Plywood is mainly used for the bottom plate of decorative panels, the back plate of board furniture and other wood products technology, product packaging, etc., and plywood manufacturers should pay attention to relevant matters when transporting plywood manufacturers to transport:.

Should be based on the length of the plate and to determine how to put the length of the cargo hold, plank to uniform code or pile up, in the process of loading, to should take put down gently, covered with a layer of protective film under the cargo, and then put the plate fixed good, because the journey far away, traffic is not stable, often appear turbulence vibration, impact, so as not to cause the collision shaking and knock against.

At the same time, plywood should be kept as dry as possible during transportation, so the exterior packaging should be done well, and it is forbidden to step on the packing boxes or walk on them.

In a word, plywood sheet is made by using the one-time molding technology. This one-time plywood also overcomes the shortcomings of solid wood and is also the main material used in decoration construction at present.

Now plank in life has become increasingly widespread use, as well as the adornment of the environment has brought the very big linyi plywood manufacturer, so the emergence of the plywood is bring great convenience, is a set of veneer plywood in accordance with the adjacent layers wood grain perpendicular to group of billet agglutination of plank, but plywood manufacturer will according to different needs, to design into different forms.

Is a kind of horizontal grain plywood, it is the table plate wood grain on line or close to the parallel to the shorter side of the plywood board, the second is the layout of plywood, it is no qualified mechanical properties requirements of plywood, plywood and the third is the star pattern, it’s made of plywood veneer texture arrange group of billet in the star, the fourth is the outdoor plywood, it is a weather resistance, water resistance and high humidity resistant plywood, bedplate and indoor use glue is not withstand water for a long time, or too high temperature adhesive properties of the plywood


Post time: Jun-24-2020

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