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How to store plywood

Plywood is a kind of product with convenient use and affordable price. It is indispensable for making furniture and building temporary houses. Storing plywood is a very important thing for plywood manufacturers.


As we all know, plywood is a wood sheet, and when storing this sheet, the important thing is fire protection. Plywood manufacturers in the storage, must pay attention to put fire extinguishers in the warehouse, and strictly prevent the occurrence of fireworks in the warehouse, any kind of fire hazards should be excluded. Apart from the problem of fire prevention, the problem of moisture resistance is also very important. Plywood is produced after the drying, once the occurrence of damp phenomenon, not only affect the sale, but also the phenomenon of sheet falling off, very affect the use, so this also needs special attention. In addition to the above two main problems, manufacturers should pay attention to avoid as far as possible a long time of sunshine exposure, although the plate after the completion of production needs to dry the process of drying, but excessive exposure will affect the quality of the plate.


Plywood manufacturers only do a good job of storage, to ensure the quality of the plate, can open the market.

Post time: Apr-28-2020

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