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How to choose plywood for family decoration

Family decorates, very important one is plank of choose and buy namely. In the bedroom furniture, hanging cabinets, wall panels, wood doors and other decorations need to use plywood. In the face of a wide variety of building materials on the market, the good and the bad are difficult to distinguish the various categories, consumers should be based on the following points, in order to buy inexpensive and suitable plywood:

Specification quality:

The producing area of plywood on the market is roughly divided into: import board, joint venture board, homebred board 3 kinds. The common specifications are 1220×2440×3 mm and 1220×2440×5 mm. Other specifications are 1220×1830×3 mm or 5 mm; And 915 by 1830 by 3 mm or 5 mm. There is also a special capsule gate, {TodayHot} size is 915×2135×3 mm, 1220×2135×3 mm. In addition to the specifications of plywood are small format plywood, decoration is not commonly used. Multi-ply plywood points to 7, 9 above, basically be used at building, vehicle use. Make clear specification dimension of plywood of choose and buy is very important, the area that consumer can decorate according to interior needs will calculate the material that needs reasonably how much, the place that should use 3 splint cannot use 5 splint, avoid blindly buy material to cause needless waste.

On the market the decoration dosage is larger is the import willow eucalyptus plywood. Imported from Indonesia is called “board”, imported from Malaysia is called “horse board”. The former is better in quality than the latter, but the price is two to three yuan higher per piece. The third-grade plywood imported from The Chinese market is mainly BB and CC grade, while AA grade is very rare. Some operators in the market with a slightly better quality joint venture board falsely import board, or with low grade counterfeit high grade, consumers as long as the outside of the packaging can be identified. Generally, imported plywood packaging materials are printed with import mark, indicating the origin of English import: Indonesia, Indonesia, Malaysia, and English brand words

In recent years our country plywood industry also has bigger development, the joint venture plywood that a few joint capital factory produces, its quality and import board already not bad fluctuation, and the price is lower than import board slightly. When consumers choose and buy, {HotTag} must pay attention to the panel quality to see whether imported eucalyptus veneers are used. In addition, to each plywood to see whether there is a bubble degumming, whether the core board is a large gap, whether the color of the panel is consistent, whether there are cracks, wormholes, bumps, stains, defects and repair subsidies glue paper is too large.

Color scheme:

The import of eucalyptus tree plywood, according to the tree species of Eucalyptus tambora and eucalyptus yellow and white. When choosing, want to consider the need of paint working procedure. Brush varnish to reflect charm of instinctive quality of lumber decorative pattern commonly, unfavorable the plywood of face plate of choice tamaru eucalyptus, and should choose the plywood with beautiful pattern of teak, Ash. After if decorate, use paint to cover sex to be strong, can choose and buy tamaria eucalyptus or other plain color face plate can. The veneer decorative board that produces by domestic joint venture factory on the market now is very much, it is to use import red oak, white oak, hua Li wood, cherry, teak and domestic ash, beech wood is turned cut veneer to stick a face and become. The pattern and color are beautiful and natural. You will choose the right type of plywood according to the overall layout, style and color of the decoration. If choose, stick a face to decorate a board to want to form a complete set with the color photograph of indoor furniture, both color should coordinate close ability is good. Want to consider occasion utility next, if pack solid wood door wants choose and buy the plywood that does not have apparent chromatic aberration, crack, scar; Hanging ambry in the kitchen should choose the ash plywood that bears damp, and cannot choose the veneer that is easily affected by damp, degummed decorate board.

Cheap and fine:

The price of plywood on the market varies greatly, generally speaking, it is to follow the law of high quality plus price, value for money. If a few high-grade brand “bird eye”, “gall wood” adornment board, because face plate is import precious lumber, each price is nearly 1000 yuan, basically be the adornment that USES at high-grade guesthouse, recreational place. Family is decorated commonly in the choose and buy, low grade can, if teak, ash plywood each does not cross 100 yuan; Imported eucalyptus plywood each about 40 yuan, auxiliary use plywood can choose and buy each less than 30 yuan domestic board instead. Anyhow, the family decorates plywood of choose and buy, want to decorate class, style and specific financial capacity and decide. Of course, the most important thing is to have your head in the right place and compare prices.


Post time: Sep-15-2020

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