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Hot pressing process and application of plywood

Plywood hot-pressing process is as follows: hot pressing time: one l6 24% resin veneer proofing the background, in the process of thermal curing polycondensation reaction, give off much heat, large product thickness, also gives off heat, the greater the therefore, the product thickness more than 25 mm, pressure 4 minutes each mm products thickness, product thickness less than 25 mm, each mm product thickness, pressure for 5 minutes, hot pressing time is from the unit pressure and hot platen temperature reach rules, preliminary calculation.

Hot pressing temperature: hot pressing temperature when loading plate: 40 to 50 degrees Celsius, hot pressing temperature: 145 to 150 degrees Celsius, hot pressing temperature when unloading slab: 40 to 50 degrees Celsius.

Time for the temperature of the self-loading plate to rise to the hot pressing temperature: 30-40 minutes when the thickness of the product is more than 25mm; 20-25 minutes when the thickness of the product is less than 25mm.

Choose a suitable method, the antiseptic that needs walks into forest, with the antiseptic treatment technology of even distribution enters the production of plywood step quality plywood and processing process, the key policy of the quality that insists on the measure of quantity.

Adhere to the amount of treatment, the number of preservatives per unit volume of wood preservation, if the wood preservative treatment, preservative preservation does not reach the specified index, then, before the woodwork does not reach the regular life, will premature biological damage, in general, the required minimum amount of preservative preservation requirements must be in insects and fungi.

If treated, preservative preservation greatly exceeds the required adherence weight, thus resulting in spoilage, preservative-treated plywood, which in turn saves significant performance costs.

Plywood pressure should be careful before mastering two links, sizing and slab Chen amount is too large, high capital amount, and rubber thickness, internal stress increase, along with a brief through glue, glue quantity is too small, does not favor the glue solution and rubber would not be complete, aging time length to fit, along with climate change, reasonable changes to the completion of core board the whole, reduce the core board lamination, away from the seam, must grasp the glue layering zhong, careful step-down plywood manufacturers, especially in the slab water should be more careful.

In addition, the use of new technologies and equipment, such as the use of efficient jet veneer dryer, core-board sewing machine, core-board leveling machine, completion of sizing, billet formation, prepressing, hot-pressing continuous operation, the use of mechanical loading and unloading, rapid closure of hot-pressing machine, etc., can accurately control the process conditions, so that the product quality is more assured.

Embodied with the function of synthetic resin adhesive glue, even with the and a few mite surface, such as glue process of plywood in our country in recent years by rubber components and rubber process a lot of research work, this not only saves many chemical raw materials, reduces the product capital, make the products functions have also improved, that is a reflection of technological progress.

In production, only the use of synthetic resin function is excellent, there is satisfactory adhesive strength, adhesive distribution ratio is reasonable, the prepared adhesive function is stable, resin content and viscosity is suitable, there is a satisfactory long active period talent to ensure normal operation and product policies meet the requirements.

Plywood is built, the linyi plywood furniture manufacturer is one of the commonly used materials, is one of man-made board three board, also for aircraft, ships, trains, cars, construction and packing materials, a set of veneer normally according to the neighboring layer of wood grain direction vertical group of billet agglutination, generally the table plate and the inner surface according to equipment at the two ends of the center layer or plate core, use glue after the veneer of slab in wood grain direction crisscross, under the condition of heating or heating bound, layer number is odd number commonly, a few have even, vertical and horizontal direction of the physical and mechanical properties of difference is small, where to build plywood.

The general length and width standard is 1220×2440mm, and the thickness standard is generally: 3,5,9,12,15,18 mm, etc. The primary tree species are: camphor tree, willow press, poplar, eucalyptus, etc.

Plywood used in construction is mainly used in outdoor conditions, such as construction of exterior decoration and concrete formwork, and in decoration engineering, it is mainly used in ceiling, dural skirt, floor lining board, cabinet, table and other furniture can be made of plywood.

Post time: Aug-19-2020

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