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Do you know the advantage of plywood?

1. Plywood has all the advantages of natural wood, such as light bulk weight, high strength, beautiful texture, insulation and so on, but also can make up for some of the natural natural wood defects such as joints, small size, deformation, longitudinal and transverse mechanical differences and other shortcomings.


2. Plywood production can make rational use of logs. Because it has no sawdust, every 2.2 to 2.5 cubic meters of log can produce 1 cubic meter of plywood, which can replace about 5 cubic meters of log to be sawn into boards, and every 1 cubic meter of plywood product can also produce residual 1.2 to 1.5 cubic meters, which is a better raw material for the production of MEDIUM density fiberboard and particleboard.


Because plywood has the advantages of small deformation, large format, convenient construction, no warping, good tensile resistance of horizontal grain and so on. Therefore, the product is mainly used in furniture manufacturing, interior decoration, residential building with a variety of boards. It is shipbuilding, car box manufacturing, various military, light industrial products and packaging and other industrial sectors.


Plywood technology


Plywood is to be cut into veneer by original wood rotation or wood square plane cut into thin wood, the 3 or above thin board that becomes with adhesive glue again. It is usually formed by an odd number of veneers, and the fibers of adjacent veneers are arranged perpendicular to each other. Therefore, there are odd layers of plywood, such as tri-ply, five-ply and seven-ply.


Look from the structure, the outermost veneer of plywood is called table plate, the front table plate is called panel, it is the best single plate with the quality. The reverse side of the table is called the back plate, with the second quality of the single plate. The inner sheet is called the core plate or the middle sheet, which is composed of the single sheet with the worst quality.


Post time: Dec-30-2020

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