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Cleaning and cutting of furniture board

Furniture late factory production of furniture plate is often used a plank, so we need to know, is to such as furniture plate furniture cleaning considerations and the cutting method, it is come from the pollutants on furniture, cooking of the lampblack also need to clean them every day, if it is to long time not to clean, clean the difficulty will increase, and is at the time of cleaning can’t choose coarse dishcloth, easy to scratch the furniture of carve patterns or designs on woodwork, then is to cannot use wet cloth, is to because will result in the crack of the radiata pine integrated timber furniture, And before cutting furniture plate to mat at the bottom of the board of wood square, is to prevent the back plate due to dangling from the kerf, so we need to use for cutting more than 100 teeth of alloy saw blade and a rail sawing machine, if it is to need to shape sizes template to use when building portable power saws for cutting, then come in different machine cutting method is also different, but will need to use the special sealing side closed incision


Post time: Jun-16-2020

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