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Classification of the use range of plywood

Plywood is a kind of multilayer artificial processing and become of compound wood board, because its have better characteristic, be used extensively with wooden case making, besides plywood wooden case, its still apply in home outfit domain, it is the good material of home outfit, so what is the classification of plywood use scope?

According to the difference of the occasion that plywood uses, plywood can be divided into plywood for finishing, plywood for decoration, plywood for general use of rubber table board and plywood for veneer decoration.

1. Plywood for finishing: used for decorating the surface of painted furniture, as well as the processing of sewing machine table board and various electrical shells.

2, plywood decoration: widely used in furniture, buildings, vehicles and boats decoration.

3. General rubber table: used for packing or other gasket.

4. Thin wood decorative plywood: used for construction or furniture.

When conducting plywood selection, according to the use of the environment, the use of the occasion and use, the nature of the project, the choice of different types, different materials and different decorative effects of the plywood, according to their own needs to buy appropriate plywood.

Post time: Dec-12-2020

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