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All you need to know about melamine boards!

Melamine board, referred to as the melamine board, the full name of melamine impregnated paper veneer wood-based panel. Now the use of melamine board is very wide, because of its outstanding advantages so received the favor of the majority of consumers.

Melamine board is a kind of wall decoration materials. The manufacturing process is to put the paper with different colors or textures into the melamine resin adhesive, and then dry to a certain degree of curing, the shop installed on the surface of the multi-layer solid wood plywood, by hot pressing and into the decorative board. Double faced cheap (also known as melamine board), is now widely used, low price.

Melamine particle board

Melamine board is made of paper with different colors or textures soaked in melamine resin adhesive, then dried to a certain degree of curing, and then installed on the surface of particleboard, medium density fiberboard or hard fiberboard, after hot pressing

Ecological board has broken through the previous melamine board paint free board with density board and particleboard as the base material of free formaldehyde high, easy foaming, stratification, explosive edge, moisture resistance, poor nail grip force and other shortcomings, but also overcome the surface of paint board scratches and harm to the human body smell. Ecological board design and color variety, colorful. It is free of paint, wear-resisting, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, waterproof and moisture-proof, nail grip force, environmental protection, low carbon, the surface will not change color or peeling, with many natural wood can not have both excellent performance. It does not need to paint the furniture, the surface naturally formed protective film, wear resistance, scratch resistance, acid and alkali resistance, hot resistance, pollution resistance, environmental protection and beautiful.

Now with melamine solid board quite many, because melamine board no taste, and then cheap, so say ecological board is widely used in: the overall wardrobe, cabinet, bathroom cabinet, TV cabinet, shoe cabinet, display cabinet, wine cabinet, health partition, commercial partition, office furniture.


The appearance of new ecological board not only expands the choice space of the board, changes the existing market pattern, plus the continuous enhancement of consumers’ environmental protection consciousness, ecological and environmental protection products become the universal pursuit, so the sales market prospect of ecological board is very broad. To seize the future market, as well as to cater to the development trend of the market are showing a huge outstanding characteristics.

Post time: Jul-10-2020

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