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6 Tips for Buying plywood

Here are six tips for choosing plywood:

1, plywood has the difference of positive and negative sides, choose, plywood to clear wood grain, the front smooth and smooth, not rough, to level no sluggish feel.

2. When buying multiple sheets of plywood, the plywood with wood grain and similar color should be selected. Of course, plywood should not be damaged, bruise, hard wound, scar section and other defects, should not decay and metamorphism, no degummed phenomenon.

3, want to know, some plywood is to stick the veneer of two different grain to make together, so pay attention to the choice of splint patchwork place should be close, there is no uneven phenomenon.

4, the selection of splint, should pay attention to the selection of glue splint.

5. If the sound is brittle when the plywood is knocked by hand, it is proved to be of good quality; if the sound is dull, it indicates that the plywood has broken glue.

6. Choose environmentally friendly plywood and pay attention to its formaldehyde emission.


Post time: Sep-28-2020

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