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  • Classification of plywood

    The commonly used method of manufacturing plywood is generally the dry heat method, that is, after the dry veneer is gummed in the hot press, it will be pressed into plywood. Its main process includes log marking and cross saw, wood heat treatment, wood section positioning and rotary cutting, ven...
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  • The classification of plywood can divide a few kinds?

    1. Plywood glued two departments are divided into three layer or multilayer two sub-companies named seaport, now mostly produced two sub-companies named seaport spun two sub-companies named seaport, often referred to as general use odd veneer veneer, veneer of adjacent layer fiber direction strai...
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  • Fundamental principles of plywood

    Plywood is cut veneer by lumber spiral or cut veneer by wood square planer, the three or multi-layer board material that is bonded with adhesive again. Usually with an odd number of layers of veneer, and the adjacent layers of veneer fiber direction perpendicular to each other glued.   Plywo...
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  • How is the quality of plywood classified?

    Plywood is divided into general plywood (suitable for a wide range of uses) and special plywood (can meet the special use of plywood).       The quality requirement of plywood includes three contents of appearance grade, specification size, physical and mechanical properties.  ...
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  • Do you know the advantage of plywood?

    1. Plywood has all the advantages of natural wood, such as light bulk weight, high strength, beautiful texture, insulation and so on, but also can make up for some of the natural natural wood defects such as joints, small size, deformation, longitudinal and transverse mechanical differences and o...
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  • Classification of the use range of plywood

    Plywood is a kind of multilayer artificial processing and become of compound wood board, because its have better characteristic, be used extensively with wooden case making, besides plywood wooden case, its still apply in home outfit domain, it is the good material of home outfit, so what is the ...
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  • 3D Synochronized Texture Melamine Paper Pasted Recon Veneer Flower Simulation Composite Veneer

    Synchronized Melamine Paper has deep and same texture with solid wood, the touch and look real stereoscopic touch is comparable to the texture of logs Flower Simulation Composite Veneer
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  • Three of the most commonly used methods of making plywood

    The methods of plywood production are generally divided into three kinds: wet – heat method, dry – cold method and dry – heat method. Dry and wet refers to the glue used when the veneer is dry veneer or wet veneer. Cold and hot refers to the use of hot or cold pressure gluing. T...
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  • Key points of plywood selection and maintenance aspects of attention

    1) Choose plywood of different varieties, grades, raw materials, decorations and sizes according to the nature of the project, parts used, environmental conditions and other factors.   2) Plywood with precious wood planing veneer shall be used for decoration.   3) Plywood for internal d...
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  • Three tips for buying plywood

    Plywood is a type of wood board, and when storing this board, fire protection is an important issue. When storing, be sure to keep fire extinguishers in the warehouse, and strictly prevent the appearance of fireworks in the warehouse. Any fire hazard should be eliminated. Plywood has been dried a...
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  • 6 Tips for Buying plywood

    Here are six tips for choosing plywood: 1, plywood has the difference of positive and negative sides, choose, plywood to clear wood grain, the front smooth and smooth, not rough, to level no sluggish feel. 2. When buying multiple sheets of plywood, the plywood with wood grain and similar color sh...
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  • F17 Formply

    F17  Formply has a cross-laminated construction and is less likely to expand or contract when exposed to rain and temperature changes, making it easier to lay forms for large decks Can be used on steel or timber form frame systems Suits a range of frame spacings, concrete slab thicknesses and su...
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